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Jeju Traditional Fish Sauce

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Jeju Traditional Fish Sauce

  • Origin: Jeju Island
  • Raw Materials: mackerel, saurel, tangle weed, dried slices of radish, tangerine orange, table salt
  • Type of food: Soy sauce by degradation enzyme (a sterilized product)
  • Weight: 500ml, 900ml, Gift set No.1(900ml x 1, 500ml x 2, 100ml x 1), Gift set No.2(500mlx2), Tasty Fish soy sauce of Jeju 420ml

Special Features

This is a typical fermented marine food of Korea developed by a master, Soon-Chun Moon, by fermenting external blue colored fishes (mackerel, saurel), tangle weed, ecklonia cava, dry slices of radish, tangerine orange and etc for a long period of time in the breathing traditional pottery after filtering out twice with hardwood charcoal. Traditional fish soy sauce of Jeju is natural seasoning with no preservatives and additives. It is a liquefied protein food with mixture of unsaturated fatty acid (DHA), minerals, amino acid, calcium and etc, which is naturally fermented for more than three years with the technology of the 'New Intellectual of Korea'